Never Again

from by XNIGHT



She's gone
She's gone and will never be back
and never again, ever again am I gonna hold you
No, it's not gonna happen, no
And never again, ever again will see those sweetest eyes
You're not the same and won't ever be
It's the life you said you wanted to (live)
I'm not okay, I'm not okay
The time has come now to an end
Never again, never again look back in time
Never and ever and ever again
You shot the lives of the supposed-to-be
No time to feel an anxiety, please
You closed the doors of this world of mine
It's never again
Succumb to the pace of your song
Succumb to the stars in the skies
Succumb to the style you create
Succumb to the whispers you heard
Succumb to the feeling so high
Succumb to the nurturing flight
Succumb to the color of hate
Succumb to the lessons of pain
Succumb to the life, succumb to the hell and you won't be welcome again (x2)
No, no, no, not you
No, no, no it's true
Don't ever come back, you're making me blue, don't you forget you were mine


from I Am, released October 27, 2014



all rights reserved


XNIGHT Barcelona, Spain


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